Common problems with your windshield and other auto glass services

Crazy things can happen at any time under all circumstances, just like that one guy Murphy always used to say. Whether it starts raining hippos or a simple pebble falling off of the freeway bridge, your windshield may be in danger of getting damaged. However, there are more common problems that can affect your windshield than a pachyderm falling from the sky. In this blog, A Advance Auto Glass, the best mobile auto glass replacement company in Highlands Ranch, will go over some of the more common injuries your windshield may face on your trip to the grocery store, to work, or on your family road trip. All of these categories happen every day and are usually easily fixed with a simple visit to your local windshield repair company. Keep scrolling to see the most common problems that may affect your windshield.

Chipswhite car with leaves on hood

Though they’re great at parties, chips aren’t so fun when they’re on your windshield. Most of the time these occur when something hits your windshield, like a rock or some other kind of quick moving debris. Chips occur when one or multiple layers of your windshield are removed. Though they may not seem harmful at first, they can quickly turn into a big problem if you don’t get your chipped windshield taken care of. One of the biggest problems a little chip can turn into is a crack that extends all over your entire windshield. If these chips are deep enough, they can also allow water or debris to enter your car and ruin your electrical system.

Chips can be easily repaired as any auto glass company will be able to safely fill the chips with special resin that’s clear and durable like glass. But they can only do this as long as the damage is no bigger than a quarter, otherwise, no amount of resin will be able to fix your windshield. The moral of the story is, if you have a chip in your windshield, get it fixed as early as possible.


If chips aren’t fixed quickly enough, or you’re unlucky enough to have your windshield split from damage, the elements, or other factors, then you’ll see cracks spread all over your auto glass. Like chips, cracks usually start out small but can grow rather quickly. They can pop up from impact damage or start simply because you turned your heater on too quickly in the winter time (glass can be fickle like that). Soon enough though, you’ll have a crack spreading from one corner of your windshield all the way up to the opposite. This will inhibit your vision and could cause you to collide with another driver, pedestrian, or object on or near the road.

Unfortunately, if the crack in your windshield is bigger than a quarter, most auto glass companies won’t be able to fix your auto glass. The best option will be to completely replace your windshield to remove the cracked auto glass and allow you to see normally on the road once more.


Though you may have never heard of it before, pitting is a common occurrence in terms of your windshield. Caused by debris as small as dust and sand hitting your windshield on a daily basis, tiny holes start to form all over your windshield. This can affect your car in many negative ways, such as rendering your windshield wipers useless or making harmful glares even more dangerous at the right angles. There’s not much you can do to prevent your windshield from pitting, as it happens when you’re driving your vehicle. This wear on your auto glass happens over a long period of time as well, so you may not even notice it until it’s already too late.

The best way to get rid of windshield pitting is to completely replace your auto glass with a qualified expert. Sand and other forms of small debris can get embedded in your windshield, which starts the pitting process. This makes repairing your windshield impossible, so replacing your pitted windshield is probably your only option when it gets too bad.

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