Nothing looks better on your car than a fresh coat of paint. Unfortunately, over time, your car’s paint starts to fade and deteriorate thanks to things like dirt, debris, and weathering. But what if there was a way to protect your auto body paint from fading and peeling? At A Advance Auto Glass in Highlands Ranch, we offer clear bra paint protection for all kinds of makes and models. Each clear auto bra helps preserve the paint on your vehicle for years on end. Clear bras for cars are basically a plastic sheet that goes over the parts of your car that are prone to damage from dirt and scratches. Keep reading to see the advantages of getting auto paint protection for your car, truck, or SUV.

Custom Transparent Sheet

Every clear bra is made from elastomeric plastics which are custom cut to your vehicle’s size and design based off of the basic schematics of the car. This ensures a perfect fit for your car so every inch is properly covered. Each sheet is completely transparent and won’t affect or change the color of your car. Clear adhesives are also used so no slipping will occur while also keeping the integrity of your vehicle’s colors intact. With clear bra car paint protection, your car will get protection while never compromising the overall look of your vehicle.

Long-Term Automotive Protection

Clear bra for cars is the long-term solution for protecting your vehicle. Each sheet has a ten-year warranty that protects against all kinds of damages. Because it helps reduce the normal wear and tear on your vehicle while also protecting it from small accidents like scratches, you may even be able to get your insurance premium lowered.

Easy To Clean

You won’t have to worry about damaging your clear paint protection film by washing it as each sheet can be washed with regular car soaps and shampoos. You won’t need any special washing equipment, nor will you have to take it to a specialist everytime you want a car wash. You can clean your car in your own driveway or take it through the carwash without worry. Dirt, dust, slick, and even bird droppings can all be cleaned off with a soft cloth or rag.

Other benefits of clear bra for cars:

Protects against scratches

Prevents repainting

Has “self-healing” properties

Limits costly maintenance

Paint Protection Film Packages

If you’re looking to get clear bra installation for your vehicle, then the professionals at A Advance Auto Glass are ready to help you. See what other automotive services A Advance can offer you, or contact us today to get your free quote for your new clear bra paint protection.

See the LLumar® Paint Protection Film Difference

At A Advance Auto Glass & Tint, we are a proud provider of LLumar® Paint Protection Film products. LLumar helps protect your paint against road debris. Check out this demonstration showing water based paint being thrown at a vehicle protected with LLumar paint protection film.