There are parts on your car that you service quite often. For instance, your motor, radiator, and tires all receive regular maintenance. But there are a few other objects on your car you can upgrade that will make your vehicle more effective as well as look better. Window tinting has been proven to not only help your car function better, but it also adds value to your vehicle should you ever sell or trade it. At A Advance Auto Glass in Highlands Ranch, we can provide professional car window tinting for every piece of auto glass on your car. Keep scrolling to see the benefits of getting window tinting from A Advance.

Temperature Control

Summer days in Colorado can become unbearable, especially if you can’t find a shaded or protected place to park your car. Having your auto glass tinted can help prevent the inside of your car from turning into a mobile oven. Auto window tinting stops solar rays from entering your car via your windows which helps keep it cooler. Depending on what grade you go with, auto tint can block between 35-65 percent of the solar heat that accumulates in your car and causes it to become hotter and hotter. Cool off your car with professional window tinting from A Advance Auto Glass.

Protection From Shattered Glass

Window tinting is specifically designed to keep auto glass from shattering should something strike it. Hopefully, it will never happen, but should you find yourself in a car accident, window tinting helps protect passengers from being hit with flying shards of glass and prevents them from being ejected. Window tinting also makes it harder for thieves to break into your vehicle by breaking your windows. Car window tinting helps keep your auto glass intact and looking great.

Fade Reduction

Though UV rays help benefit us in many ways, they do have a negative effect in that they cause fading of natural and synthetic materials. One of the best ways to prevent UV rays from ravaging your vehicle is to have professional window tinting installed on all of your windows. Window tint blocks the harsh sunlight that fades your upholstery, makes leather become discolored, and destroys vinyl panels. Tinting can block up to 99 percent of all UV rays, protecting you and your vehicle while out on the road.

Other benefits of auto glass tinting:

Privacy and security

Provides a balanced climate

Can help reduce the risk of skin cancers

Limits costly maintenance

If you’re looking to get mobile window tinting installed on your vehicle, then the professionals at A Advance Auto Glass are ready to help you. Learn about the other great automotive services A Advance can offer you, or contact us today to get a free quote for your windshield or auto glass tinting.

See the LLumar® Window Tint Difference

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