Help with windshield replacement in South Denver

Though it may not always get the praise that it deserves, your windshield actually does quite a bit to help keep you safe and comfortable while driving. Keeping debris, weather, and high winds away from your face, your windshield is the silent guardian that protects you and allows you to see and concentrate while you whip down the street. But sometimes, your windshield takes too much damage and needs to be fixed or replaced, so you can be safe while you drive. In today’s blog, the expert windshield replacement company at A Advance Auto Glass will go over a few ways you can tell that you need a new windshield. Though some reasons may be obvious, we’ll help you find the hard to spot problems that may indicate you need a new windshield for your vehicle.


One little chip or dent in your windshield can be easily fixed by a professional auto glass repair company. However, if you have multiple contusions to your windshield, it may need to be replaced rather than repaired. If the chips or dents in your windshield are bigger than a quarter, and there are multiple spots across your entire windshield, you may have to have replace your windshield. These chips could have happened from the weather, such as a hail storm, from things constantly hitting your windshield, like gravel, or it could be from the natural weathering of your auto glass, which happens simply by driving your car and having it outside. Though chips seem little at first, chips in your windshield can spread quickly and cause bigger problems for you.

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Bigger than a chip, cracks can cover the edge of your windshield or span the entire distance of your auto glass. Just like chips or dents, a crack in your auto glass can start out small only to cross your entire windshield in no time at all. However, unlike chips, cracks are much harder to fix. If they’re small enough, an auto glass technician will be able to repair your windshield in no time at all, but larger cracks in your windshield will require you to completely replace the auto glass. Just like their smaller cousins, windshield cracks should be taken care of quickly before they can spread into a big problem.


If you’re not familiar with the term, a windshield can become pitted simply by driving it. It occurs when tiny particles of dirt, debris, or dust become lodged in your auto glass. This makes it look like there are tiny holes all across your windshield. Again, while the problem may be small at first, a pitted windshield can lead to much bigger problems down the road (pun intended). A heavily pitted windshield can cause glare and reduction in sight while also decreasing the integrity of your auto glass, making it more susceptible to cracks, chips, and dents. There isn’t much you can do to help repair your windshield from pitting, nor is there much you can do to prevent it from happening. Getting your pitted windshield replaced is usually the only option you have when weathering takes place.



Are you seeing water or condensation on the inside of your windshield? That may be a red flag pointing to the fact that you need to get your windshield replaced. Over time, the adhesive material used to glue your windshield to your car can break down. This will allow water to sneak under your auto glass and pool on the inside of your vehicle. Water on the inside of your car can cause many problems for your vehicle’s health, such as water damage to your seats and floors and damage to your car’s electrical systems. For those that have leaks but just had a new windshield replaced, it may be a sign that your windshield wasn’t installed properly. However, for those with older windshields, leaks and pooled water inside your car could indicate that it’s time to replace your windshield.

We here at A Advance Auto Glass hope you’ve found this blog helpful and informative. If you’re looking for professional windshield replacement in the Highlands Ranch area, then A Advance is ready to help you. Our expert auto glass technicians can properly install your new windshield or auto glass on just about any make, model, and year of a vehicle. To see what kind of auto glass services we can offer you, learn more about A Advance Auto Glass, or contact us today to set up your appointment.