Windshield repair advice in South Denver

There are many at-home remedies that can work for many different applications. For instance, dipping your tools in cola can remove rust. Videos of people using common household items to help repair other items or property are all the rage. However, there are some life hacks that you shouldn’t trust, no matter how trustworthy the Youtube video may be. In today’s blog, A Advance Auto Glass, the providers of the best auto glass services in Highlands Ranch, will go over what you should do in the event you have a chip or crack in your windshield.

Don’t Fix It Yourself

Though the temptation of fixing things yourself can be great, we suggest that you don’t try to fix your windshield yourself. Unless you’re a highly trained professional with years of experience and the proper tools, chances are you could just make the problem worse than it already is. Things like superglue and clear tape won’t work on your windshield, and they could cause the chip or crack to grow or cause other problems with your auto glass. That superglue and tape also won’t work to keep your windshield connected to your car, which may cause your windshield to come off while you’re driving.

Even if you have all of the proper tools and equipment to repair and replace your windshield or auto glass, you’ll need to know the proper way to set everything to ensure that your auto glass doesn’t come off or cause leaks in your vehicle. Repairs and sealants require special resins and adhesives that can be hard to find if you’re not an auto glass repair company. So, in order to make sure that your chip or crack doesn’t get worse, leave it alone and make an appointment with your local auto glass replacement company as soon as you can.

Be Carefulcar,night,driving,evening,vehicle,drive

While on your way to your auto glass repair or replacement appointment, be sure to be careful with your vehicle, as even the smallest of movements can cause your chip or crack to grow. Drive slowly over speed bumps and traffic control stations to make sure the sudden force doesn’t make your small windshield accident into a big windshield problem. Do your best to avoid potholes and other uneven driving surfaces as well. When shutting your doors, close them gently as slamming them shut could cause enough force to make the crack or chip get bigger. Also, avoid large changes in temperature. Turn your AC or heat on low at first, then gradually increase your fan strength to keep the crack in your windshield the same size.

Cover The Problem

If you can’t get in to visit an auto glass technician right away, which we highly recommend doing, then covering the chip or crack in your windshield at night or while you aren’t using your car can be highly beneficial for the integrity of your auto glass. In the seasons with extreme temperatures — ie. winter and summer — simply covering the front of your windshield with a blanket or tarp could help stop that crack in your windshield from spreading. It will also keep frost and snow from accumulating over your windshield in the colder months as well as keep your car cooler when it’s hot out.

Call The Professionals

If you love doing things yourself, and the problem is small enough, then there may be a kit you can pick up from your local hardware store that will be enough. However, with other windshield or auto glass repair and replacement, calling the professionals is the smartest choice of action. Not only do the professionals have the experience and know how to help fix your problem quickly and efficiently, they also have the proper tools and equipment to help them do it. Professional auto glass technicians are more than happy to help fix your windshield, windows, or any damaged or missing auto glass on your vehicle.

If you’re looking for professional windshield repair in Highlands Ranch and the surrounding areas, then A Advance Auto Glass is perfect for you. Learn more about A Advance, see what kind of auto glass services we can offer you, or contact A Advance Auto Glass today to schedule your next appointment.