Find the right auto glass repair company for you

Auto glass repair companies are everywhere. They provide a much-needed service for machines we use every day and depend on to get us just about everywhere. Without auto glass, driving would be much harder to do, and would most likely be nearly impossible when it’s raining, snowing, or just plain cold outside. So, when you need your auto glass repaired or replaced, how do you know which windshield repair company to call? In today’s blog, the expert auto glass repair and replacement company at A Advanced Auto Glass in Highlands Ranch will go over a few tips you can use to help you spot a bad auto glass repair company. So, without further delay, let’s get into the best ways to spot a bad auto glass repair company.

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Poor Training

This may be hard to notice until you watch your auto glass technician install your windshield sideways. Some auto glass companies will say that their technicians are highly trained or even certified, when, in reality, they couldn’t tell a windshield from a moonroof. Many times, companies will say their technicians are “certified”, but they’re only really certified by the company themselves, meaning they may not actually have any real training other than what the auto glass company has provided them. While in some instances, this can be extensive training that will truly make them certified technicians. However, this often means that the company did the bare minimum, if that, to get their employee ready.

One of the best ways to spot poor training in an auto glass repair company is to ask them to describe or see their proof of certification. If a company says that their technicians are certified, then simply ask them what they’re certified in, what kind of training they’ve received, and how long the technicians have worked in the industry. Ask these questions before you hire the company to fix your auto glass, or you may be stuck with a technician who doesn’t really know what they’re doing.

Letting You Drive Too Soon

Remember in grade school when you were making that sweet art project in class with construction paper and glue, but you didn’t let it dry long enough and it all fell apart? Well, the same thing can happen with your new auto glass. The adhesive auto glass technicians use to keep windshields and windows in place may be strong, but it still takes some time for it to set and dry before you can safely drive your car again. If you start driving before the adhesive is set, then you run the risk of having your windshield or auto glass falling off mid-trip. This will cause big problems for you and anyone on the road.

While some adhesives can be set in as little as half an hour, others will require a few hours to properly cure. The cure time will depend entirely on the type of vehicle you’re driving. Beforehand, ask the company what the minimum cure time is for your vehicle. If your auto glass technician says you can start driving your car at a time that doesn’t match that time, it’s important that you don’t drive your car until you’re sure that your auto glass is safely set. It also indicates that the auto glass company you went to may not be the best.

No Warranty

Most important or expensive things come with a warranty when you purchase them. Your auto glass is no different. Auto glass companies will almost always include a warranty with their auto glass services. This helps protect their clients should an accident occur right after the company installed the new auto glass, and it also proves that the company does quality work that they’re proud of and confident in. Warranties both protect and give peace of mind to auto glass customers. So, if the auto glass company you’re going to doesn’t offer any kind of warranty with their services, it may be a big red flag you should pay attention to.

Here at A Advance Auto Glass, all of our technicians are highly trained, knowledgeable, and will install or repair your auto glass quickly and efficiently. Learn more about A Advance Auto Glass, see what kind of auto glass services we can offer you, or contact A Advance today to answer any questions and get a free quote for your auto glass repair or replacement.