There are plenty of ways to protect your vehicle. From keeping it in the garage to hiring a private security company to watch it 24/7, some methods are a little more practical than others. Keeping your car safe doesn’t just mean protecting it from collisions, there are other minor things that can add up to cause major damage when left unchecked. There are also things out of your control that, while it seems small, can also cause major damage over time. In today’s blog, Advance Auto Glass, the best auto glass and automotive protection company in South Denver, will be going over the benefits of professional ceramic coating.

Protects Against Dust

Now you might read that and think, “How can dust possibly hurt my car?” When stationary, chances are that dust won’t do much damage to your vehicle. However, while driving, those millions of tiny dust particles can add up to quite a bit of damage to your car, truck, or SUV. Moving at even moderate speeds can be enough to cause damage, as dust and dirt can be abundant without you even noticing. With a professional automotive ceramic coating, you can prevent dirt and dust from ever making contact with your vehicle — preventing damage and saving you money on costly maintenance.

Self-Healing Properties

When you put a protective automotive bra on your vehicle, you’ll need to replace it if it’s ever damaged. Similarly to most clear automotive bras, if they’re severely damaged, you’ll need to go to a shop in order to replace the current one with a new clear vehicle bra. Unlike physical car bras and clear automotive bras, ceramic coatings have self-healing properties. Chemically bonding with the surface of your vehicle, ceramic coating acts similar to our skin — protecting your vehicle while also being able to heal itself from minor damages. Simply heat the affected area to 140 degrees fahrenheit, using an average blow dryer will do the trick, and the coating instantly falls back into place.

Lasts For Years

On top of self-healing properties, professional ceramic coatings can last for years. You can choose several options, but most ceramic coatings can last anywhere from two to five years. That’s two to five years of constant protection for your vehicle, meaning you won’t have to worry about minor scratches, dents, or stains on your vehicle for quite some time.

Prevents Repainting

Have you ever dropped your car off to be painted, then after a week or so notice that you need another new paint job to fix dents and scratches that happened while you were driving? Driving your vehicle can actually put a lot of wear and tear on it, especially your paint. However, with ceramic coating on your vehicle, you can keep your car’s paint job intact for years. Ceramic coating bonds with the top layer of your car, creating a protective barrier that prevents scratches and other minor damages. It even prevents staining and other substances from breaking down your vehicle’s paint.

Easy To Clean

Without a ceramic coating, you have to put in a lot of work in order to properly clean your vehicle. From rinsing to soaping to waxing, cleaning your car can take up a lot of time and money if you do it often enough. If you like that routine, then that’s completely fine, but if you’re looking for a way to make cleaning your vehicle easier, then ceramic coating is just what you need. Simply rinse off any dirt, debris, or droppings and your vehicle will look like you just drove it off the lot. Most liquids will slide right off of ceramic coated vehicles thanks to its hydrophobic properties, but a quick rinse will take care of any lingering dirt and grime that’s strong enough to stick around.

Protection From UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays can be highly beneficial for a number of reasons. However, when it comes to your vehicle, UV rays can be incredibly harmful. UV can break down your paint and degrade your parts over time. It can also cause you to pay quite a bit of money to constantly upkeep your vehicle. If you want to protect your car, truck, or SUV from minor damage, as well as harmful UV rays, then professional ceramic coating is exactly what you need.

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