We’ve all seen the cars with the heavily cracked or damaged windshields, and if you’ve never seen one in person then you’ve surely seen one in the movies. At A Advance Auto Glass, if our expert auto glass technicians can’t fix your windshield, they will definitely be able to professionally replace it. In this blog category, A Advance will go over the methods we use to replace your windshield, what sets us apart from other windshield replacement companies, and even what to look for when going to an auto glass replacement company. We’ll tell you why you should replace your windshield if it ever gets damaged, why windshields are important, and even signs that your windshield may not have been properly installed. Find a post that interests you and learn all about our windshield replacement company.

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    Signs Your Windshield Wasn’t Installed Properly

    Unless you lease or purchase a new vehicle every couple years, the chances are high that your car will need a new windshield while you have it. This can be due to normal weathering or because of damage, but eventually, you’ll need to have a new windshield put on your vehicle. When you need a new w…Read More