Learn how to change a tire and get auto glass services in South Denver

It’s happened to many of us, but for those who have never done it before, changing a tire can be an intimidating challenge. Though some out there are pros at changing tires, others may not even know where to start. From the tools you need to even just finding the spare tire on or in your car, changing your tire can be one of the more stressful activities you ever do, depending on your experience and setting. For those that need to change a tire, but have never done so before, you’re in luck because the auto glass experts at A Advanced Auto Glass have made this blog just for you. Keep reading to learn how to properly change your tire so you can get back on the road without delay.

1 – Pullover

If you were driving and something went into or hit your tire and caused it to burst or break, then the first thing you need to do is safely pull over to the side of the road. Chances are you may be a bit rattled after the impact, so make sure you slow down and properly get over to the side of the road. Safety is key throughout this process, so make sure you get far enough over on the side of the road to give yourself a safe space to change your tire. If you can, try to maneuver your way into a parking lot or somewhere you can safely park your car while you operate on it. If you were on the highway or a busy street without much of a shoulder, then you’ll want to pull over as far as you can to get your vehicle out of the way of traffic. Once you’re safely stopped, then you can start getting to the nitty-gritty part of changing your tire.

2 – Locate Tools & Spare Tirevehicle tire on pavement with water

Most modern vehicles come with a jack and some means of taking off a broken or flat tire. Open up the trunk of your car and look for a plastic box, which will usually be black or another color that sticks out from the majority color of your trunk. Inside will be a jack, which you’ll use to raise your car, and any other tools you’ll need to conquer your upcoming task. Take the box out of your trunk and place it next to the tire you need to replace.

Next, you’ll need to find the spare tire. If you store yours on the back of your vehicle, like a lot of SUVs do, then this step will be incredibly easy. But if your tire isn’t placed out in the open, then you’ll have to do a little searching. Chances are the tire is also in your trunk, just lying in wait under the fabric liner. Find the edge of the liner and carefully lift it up to reveal your tire. If you don’t see it at first, it may be under another protective liner that you can lift off. If your tire isn’t in your trunk, then it may be under your car. Take a peek under the back end of your vehicle and you may see it fastened on the bottom of your car. If it is, all you’ll need is a way to unfasten it from the car. Use a wrench or a tool provided in your kit to undo the bolts and take the spare tire off of the bottom of your car.

Unfortunately, if your car doesn’t have a jack or spare tire, then you’ll have to either call a family member, auto service provider, or tow truck for assistance. They’ll be able to bring you or take you somewhere you can get your tire replaced.

3 – Raise Your Car

Now that you have everything ready, take out your car jack and line it up with the front edge of your wheel well just in front of the damaged tire. Extend the jack, either by pushing the button on automatic jacks or by cranking a manual one, so it’s lying just under the bottom of your vehicle. Maneuver the jack so that it will touch the metal of your undercarriage rather than the bottom of your car’s outer panels. Remember to make sure that it’s at least two or three inches away from the edge of the wheel well, as you won’t want anything to slip while you’re raising your car. Raise your car enough that you can get the damaged tire and the spare on and off easily. An easy way to measure this is by raising your car up just enough that the damaged tire is off of the ground, then raise it up just a little more to allow the spare tire some room when you put it on.

4 – Take Off The Lug Nuts

Once your tire is raised up enough, you’ll be able to undo the lug nuts that hold the tire in place. Using a socket wrench or another tool provided in your kit, carefully take off each bolt and place them somewhere that’s easy to see and remember, as you won’t want to lose any. You’ll need a good amount of force to take the bolts off at first, but once you loosen them, the task will become much easier. Be mindful that the tire may move or try to fall off once most of the lug nuts are taken off, so be careful once you’re down to the last few. When you take the remaining bolts off, remove the damaged tire from the vehicle. Lifting the tire up first and then trying to move it off of the vehicle will usually make things easier. Once the tire is off, place it in your trunk so you know what kind of tire you need to replace it with.

pile of vehicle tire lot

5 – Put On The Spare

Line the spare up on your hub and place the spare tire all the way back. Replace the lug nuts and tighten them, but be sure that you don’t over-tighten or break the lug nuts, which will cause more problems for you. Once you have your spare tire securely fastened, just lower your jack and place everything back in your trunk. If your spare tire isn’t a regular tire, which you’ll be able to tell just by looking at it, then we recommend going straight to an auto body shop or tire replacement company to get a real tire placed on your car. Spare tires work well in a pinch, but they only last for a few hundred miles.

Everyone here at A Advanced Auto Glass hopes that you’re never in an instance where you need to change your tire on the side of a road, but if you do, we hope this blog helps you get through it. If you’re looking for auto glass services in Highlands Ranch or the greater Denver area, then A Advanced Auto Glass is ready to help you! Learn more about A Advanced, see our past work from highly satisfied customers, or contact A Advanced Auto Glass to get your free quote.