Unfortunately, there are many companies in the world today that simply aren’t trustworthy. Some provide subpar results while others may just want to take your money and run. While these untrustworthy companies may only be an incredibly small percentage of the overall market, they can still do a lot of damage to you in a short amount of time. Finding the trustworthy companies over the untrustworthy ones can be difficult, especially when you’re in a pinch and need goods or services right away. In today’s blog, Advance Auto Glass, the best auto glass repair company in South Denver, will be going over some of the ways you can spot a trustworthy auto glass company.


When it comes to vehicles, there seem to be warranties for just about everything. From your tires to your sound system, warranties make sure that the most important features of your vehicle are protected in the event something causes them to stop working. Warranties help you save money should something break, be installed incorrectly, become stolen, or a number of other factors that would cause your equipment to stop working or malfunction. The same goes for your windshield. A credible auto glass company will offer or simply provide you with a warranty on your repair services or your new windshield should you need it replaced. When looking for a reliable auto glass company, be sure to partner with one that offers warranties on their services.

Accepts Insurance

Insurance of any kind can help you save quite a bit of money on optional or even necessary services. If you have auto insurance that covers auto glass repair and/or auto glass replacement, then finding an auto glass company who accepts your insurance is a great way to ensure that your costs stay low. Even if you don’t have auto insurance that covers auto glass repair/replacement, partnering with a company that still accepts insurance will show you that they’re trustworthy as they likely don’t just take their customers’ money and leave. When you’re looking for an auto glass company that you can count on, be sure to go with one that accepts insurance.

Provide Mobile Services

Sometimes simply going somewhere can be the hardest part about getting the goods and services you need. Life doesn’t hit the pause button simply because you need to go do something. Have you ever wished that something could just come to you, fitting perfectly into your busy schedule? Where restaurants and food companies can offer delivery for their customers, auto glass companies can offer mobile auto glass services. A team of highly skilled auto glass technicians will come to your location and either repair or replace your auto glass. You can schedule an appointment that fits your daily itinerary so that you can get everything you need done in one day. Be sure to partner with an auto glass company who offers mobile services in your area.

Highly Trained Technicians

While you may not think about it all the time, your vehicle’s auto glass is an incredibly important part of your automobile. It helps insulate your vehicle in order to make it more comfortable to drive and stops bugs and animals from entering your vehicle while helping you see everything around you safely. When looking for an auto glass company, be sure to partner with one that has highly trained auto glass technicians. This will help ensure that your auto glass is installed properly so that you won’t have to ask them to redo repairs or have to go to another company in order to get a proper replacement. Before partnering with a company, ask them how their technicians are trained, if they’re certified, and if they were trained in the specific adhesive the company uses.

Here at Advance Auto Glass, we’re the top-rated auto glass company in South Denver for a reason. We go above and beyond for our customers to make sure that they get the high-quality services that they expect. Our highly trained auto glass technicians are ready to help make your vehicle safe to drive once again. We offer warranties on both our auto glass repair and replacement services to make sure that you have peace of mind should something happen. We also provide the best mobile auto glass services in South Denver and accept many kinds of insurance to help keep your overall costs down.

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